Jane and Graham Bloomwood, are the parents of Becky Bloomwood in the Shopaholic series. Both live in Oxshott, Surrey.

The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic/Confessions of a ShopaholicEdit

During the events of the first novel Graham and Jane both hide Becky when they believe she has her bank manager stalking her. However, they weren't aware that he was merely trying to get into contact with their daughter concerning her overdraft.

Graham BloomwoodEdit

It was revealed in Shopaholic & Sister that before marrying Jane, Graham previously had a relationship with Marguerite from when the time she was working as a stewardess in a train station. However without warning, she called off the relationship after meeting Bill Bertram the owner of Bertram Foods and married him. He had never known about his other daughter, Jessica, until she came to visit him while Becky was away on her honeymoon with Luke.

He eventually met and married Jane. They have one daughter in Becky. However like Jess, both are very careful and close with their money, although not all the time.

When he met Jess for the first time, Graham immediately welcomed her to his family before she could even ask him for a DNA test from him.

Jane BloomwoodEdit

Becky's mother and wife of Graham. She lives in Oxshott, Surrey and is close friends with Janice and Martin Webster. In Shopaholic Ties the Knot, Jane was excited when she learned that Becky was going to marry Luke and she was planning the wedding in their home. However, her daughter was caught in the middle when she learned that Luke's cold mother, Elinor, was planning the wedding in the Plaza in New York. Eventually Becky came up with a great idea in pretending to be married in New York and flying home to really get married there.

In Shopaholic and Sister, she meets Jess and compliments how polite and kind she is. However upon learning about Graham's previous relationship, Jane took it pretty hard and their neighbors sugggested they go to therapy to work it out.

In Shopaholic and Baby, She and Luke teamed up and told Venetia to leave upon learning how much she's mistreated Becky. Jane and Graham are a huge part of Minnie's life.

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